Why is Weight Loss So Intricate!

Recent studies have suggested an association between sleep and weight gain. Sleeping less than five hours, or more than nine hours, a night appears to increase the likelihood of weight gain. We all want so much to experience weight loss, and all is not lost.

Most Americans average 6.8 hours of sleep each night compared to 9 hours per night a century ago. If your sleep is frequently interrupted or cut short, you may not be getting quality sleep.

Do you get enough rest?

__ Yes

__ No

Getting enough rest helps your body handle stress much better.

Are you having any unusual trouble sleeping?

__ Yes

__ No

A restful night’s sleep is important to your overall quality of life. When you feel good, you can function better.

Take a minute to think about the healthy eating and physical activity goal you set for yourself this past week. What successes did you have? What challenges did you encounter? What helped you address those challenges? Using your experience from last week, think about how you can prepare for the week ahead and keep pounding.

Weight Loss is the Key to Success!

Balance your level of physical activity with your individual level of comfort. If you have chronic pain, your brain might actually produce pain even when there is no actual threat. Over time, it may seem like movement is dangerous because it hurts to move. By gradually showing the brain that movement is helpful not harmful, activity can increase over time.

Sharing your goals with family, friends can give you the support you need. Write down your goal and keep it somewhere you can read it frequently.

Many people experience some type of physical pain or discomfort at one point or another. Everyone is the best judge of his or her own pain. Regular physical activity often improves chronic pain.

So, feel free to start your own workout regimen…

And never stop seeking perfection!

The sky’s the Limit!!!