Bone Broth – 2

Bone Broth Dieting – For Anti-Aging by Anthony T. Craft

One Bone Broth experience to remember: Mona found out from her family doctor that she can no longer devour gluten or dairy products. That left her wondering, “What can I do,” After careful research conducted on the consumption of healthy food and drinks.

She stumbled upon bone broth.

Soon, Mona completely overhauled her eating habits and made the decision to try bone broth. Even though the origin of Bone Broth took her by surprise, Mona decided to try it anyway. After discovering that bone broth is made up of hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, and other glycosaminoglycans, all which aids in digestion. She also discovered bone broth to be made up of animal bones blended, roasted, soaked in filtered water and apple cider vinegar, and cooked under low heat for an extended period.

Bone Broth dish

She felt a little skeptical at first, about indulging in something that she quite actually might not approve of. Afterward, convincing herself that bone broth could not be all bad. Mona started drinking the bone broth powder form daily. Engulfing the bone broth in its entirety without adding any spices. She found that bone broth was rather tasty with or without spices. After noticing that her fiancé stopped eating breakfast in the mornings, she persuaded him to try bone broth. Complimenting him, she told him that this delicious drink would help his gut stay full until his next meal. Her fiancé tried the bone broth and later returned to Mona to tell her that his stomach felt full up until it was time for lunch. After a few months of taking bone broth, Mona complimented her fiancé by telling him that it seemed he looked a little younger and that his face looked smoother. Mona’s fiancé spoke of several of the same compliments he received from his co-workers.

She conducted research on bone broth which revealed that bone broth is full of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are essential to the body’s function, improvement, and well-being.

Bone Broth

This too holds true for Donna of Tennessee, who first started enjoying the rich flavor of bone broth simply because of its warmth during the treacherous winter months. Donna confessed to her sister that bone broth kept her stomach full at night when she would usually be searching for her late-night snack. She soon stopped craving her late-night snacks and started drinking a bone broth before going to bed at night.

“I’ve gotten compliments lately that my skin is glowing,” she says. “I just know it’s the bone broth, and I’ll keep drinking it every day.”


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