Let’s talk a little today about Weight loss tips for Women! I’m sure you all will agree with me when I say, the year 2020 was a very different and difficult year. For the first time since 1918, we were met with a crippling pandemic.

This pandemic is the only pandemic experience we have met in our lifetime, and It was nothing less than an attention getter (to say the least). We all were forced to change our way of living and focus on survival instead of fun. We all concentrate heavily on weight loss.

Many prefer to be inside rather than outside. That is okay, you can still focus on weight loss and be active indoors. Indoor physical activities are more available than ever before.

There are rowing machines, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes to list a few. You can also use affordable equipment like resistance bands and free weights.

You can find equipment that meets your needs; check out second-hand stores, gyms, and recreation centers to see what suits your interest and your budget. Exercise videos are inexpensive, and libraries often have a variety of these available to borrow.

If you have a smartphone, you can also download free apps or stream exercise videos to your phone or TV. You can track your diet and activity and it is now available free for download to your smartphone or tablet now.

Most malls will allow people to register in their free mall-walking programs. This is a safe, temperature-controlled way to get physical activity. This is why weight loss for women is so very important.


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