Hello and welcome to my Bone Broth Dieting website. Physical fitness has always been one of my favorite pet peeves. I stopped drinking sodas, eating

sweets and candy at age 14, and I don’t smoke. I excelled in track and field as a miler in high school and college, and I entered the U. S Army January 1976.

While enlisted, I earned top physical fitness awards and even broke the Fort Dix, NJ military record in the mile run. I have always considered my physique

as thin clad due to my running endeavors daily.

While in high school, I was accustomed to running laps around the track field during my study period, showering and heading to my next class. My reward

for doing this was becoming the best miler in the state of South Carolina in my senior year and missing the school mile run record by two seconds.

        I continued running track as I furthered my education after high school (Claflin College, Orangeburg, SC). I was a member of the track team my first

year in college and was awarded the Outstanding Performance trophy in my freshman year. Upon my decision to leave college during my freshman year in

college, I joined the United States Army, and at that time, I was weighing less than 150 lbs.

 My Military

         I served in the United States Army for 28-years, honorably discharged as an E-8 Master Sergeant. Mandated height and weight for my physique (6ft.,

1in) was 200 lbs. I consistently continued to weigh in between 183 and 185-lbs for my entire career. After my retirement from the military, I started

ballooning up to 225 lbs., and I immediately began to search the internet until I found Bone Broth, and I began taking this phenomenal product and since

then, my weight has gradually descended now at 213-lbs and counting, after three weeks of taking Bone Broth.

Now I want to Give Back!

 My Reasoning

           Over the years, I continued to run distances of 5 and 10 miles, but I also began to tack on weight from time to time and I have gained to a point where I

am greatly concerned. I am a member of the Veterans Administration (VA) TeleMove Program, where my continued weight is being monitored and a

pedometer was issued to keep up with the number of steps I take daily. I have been very cooperative with this program, and my weight continued to

fluctuate between 225 and 217 lbs. I started consuming Bone Broth about three weeks ago and today, I weighed-in at 213 lbs. Bone Broth is the source of my

weight loss, and I know this, because I even feel more energetic throughout the day and I sleep very well at night. Taking advantage of the many attributes

received from drinking Bone Broth is why I will continue to use this product.


 My Purpose/Goal

The purpose of the creation of bonebrothdieting.com is to help those who have desired aspirations to lose weight faster and without the aches and pains of

lifting weights, walking for miles and other vigorous exercises. Please don’t get me wrong because I don’t want to be misunderstood by stating that its not

healthy to lift weights, walk or involve yourself in extra-curricular exercises. They all help ultimately to lose weight, but if you don’t involve yourself in any

of these workouts, then Bone Broth Dieting will continue to aid in your weight loss…

The goal of my website is to reach everyone who may be skeptical of Bone Broth, and educate them about the healthy nutrients, minerals, vitamins and

amino acids contained in one cup of Bone Broth. I want to reach as many people as I possibly can, and who are willing to indulge in such a great feat, to

inform them about this age-old remedy for weight loss.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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